dN/dS ratios

dN/dS ratios of naked mole-rat genes with mouse, rat, guinea pig and human homologues are provided.

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FASTA files

FASTA filess with scaffolds, genes and proteins are provided.

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Raw reads

All the naked mole-rat genome data is available through the NCBI using accession PRJNA197330. The mitochondrial genome of the naked mole rat was previously sequenced by others and is also available at the NCBI.

BLAST database

Due to the limited power of this server for large BLAST queries you can download the database as a ZIP file.

Please consult with the NCBI documentation on how to use these files.

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We have a number of files, including the source code for this portal, available for download from GitHub.

Commands used to generate data
Source code for portal
TGAC genome

The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) generated an additional, but lower quality, assembly of the naked mole-rat genome. This was based on two Illumina paired-end sequencing runs (average insert size ~350 bp) resulting in ~23-fold coverage. ABySS was used to generate a de novo assembly with contig N50 of 2,078 bp. A FASTA file is provided with all contigs with a length greater than 500 bases.

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Gene expression data

Supplementary material from the gene expression study carried out on the naked mole-rat.

Supplementary material

RNA_seq_supplements.zip, full results for all genes and functional enrichment analysis.

Raw data

Raw Illumina/Solexa reads are available in the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository under accession GSE30764.

The raw naked mole-rat 454 data are available at the Leibniz Institute for Age Research.